ROBOT 7320


Cleans the bottom and walls


Like all our robots, the 7320 robot is particularly economical because of its low power consumption.


As it is not related to filtration, the 7320 electric robot can adapt to any pool up to 11.00 x 5.50m, whatever the power of filtration.


Moving autonomously in the pool, impurities are collected in its filter basket. It is also to collect fine particles using an additional disposable filter.

Transparent lid

Large removable basket to collect fine debris, leaves, insects ...
Soft brushes to clean and scrub the floor, walls and water line. With active side brushes.
FOCUS FLOW: focused suction for greater efficiency, small wheels define a "corridor" suction.

Lateral openings
for a suction width
increased with each pass.

Designed for pools up to 11.00 x 5.50m

It will quickly become the essential accessory allowing you to fully enjoy your pool.

Aspiration Focus Flow

Focus Flow technology optimizes suction efficiency by concentrating it to a narrow band that is the full width of the robot.

Automatic cleaning cycle

The 7320 robot cleans the pool during 1 or 3H. At the end of this cycle of 1 or 3H, the 7320 stops automatically.

Removable filter basket

The robot comes with a debris collection basket. The basket with filter walls is washable and can be completed with a disposable fine filter if fine particles are in the pool.

Cleans the bottom

The 7320 robot moves autonomously on the bottom and sucks and brushes all impurities deposited on the ground

Cleans the walls

The 7320 robot mounts the walls intermittently to clean them. the 7320 robot can partially climb the wall or reach the water line.

Brush the water line

When the 7320 robot reaches the water line, it brushes it for a random time to clean it.

Active side brushes

The 7320 robot has 4 active side brushes. They rotate at the same time as the main brushes and help to clean the corners between the bottom and the walls.

Nothing escapes the 7320 Robot


Maximum size of the pool11.00 x 5.50mPigmentation
Background ProfileAny background profile (do not clean the stairs)
Max depth of the pool2.50m
Compatible coatings Liner, tiles, mosaic, paint, polyester ...
Floating Swivel (Anti-Twist Cable System)           Yes
Propulsion modeBrushes motorized by gear system
Available programsForced walking: 1 or 3 automatic cleaning hours 
Cable length 18m (15m + 3m)
Power ConsumptionLess than 100W
Cleaning Bottom, walls and water line
Access to the debris collection basketBy the top. Transparent lid to visualize the contents of the bag
Debris collection systemLarge volume basket to collect leaves and medium debris + free disposable fine filter sample for fine particles 
Filtration fineness (clean filter)0.59mm (up to 50 microns with disposable fine filter)
Suction width50cm
Device dimensions 41cm x 37cm x 34cM
Device weight9.2 Kg
Carton weight11.7 Kg
Guarantee 2 years (except wearing part: debris collection basket, disposable fine filter, tracks)

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